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“It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun.” - Green Day

Discussion in 'News' started by FrankHeijden, 15 December 2018.

By FrankHeijden on 15 December 2018 at 19:28
  1. FrankHeijden


    25 March 2017
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    Hey all,

    After some time of thinking I have made the decision to discontinue AquaCraft's Minecraft server and its associated services.

    The main reason that drove me to this is my limited amount of time I am able to put into this lovely and close community - I just have too many deadlines and I don't see a clear horizon anytime near unfortunately. The time I spent the last few weeks into AquaCraft's upgrades were at the expense of my grades in school. These upgrades, which I loved to spent time on aren't at great use today as the last few weeks the server population dried out.

    The technical details are as following:
    AquaCraft will stop its servers on the first of Februari (01-02-2019). Starting that day, the survival server will still be accessible for 3 months but with limited access (no build, break), so you guys can take schematics of the buildings you want to save.

    In conclusion to this I would like to say I had a great time playing with each one of you guys and would like to thank you and the staff members for that gift.

    Yours sincerely,



Discussion in 'News' started by FrankHeijden, 15 December 2018.