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Creative is here! Get yourself a plot with '/plot auto' and start building!

People with the default rank will be satisfied with plots of 64 x 64 blocks.
Donators will have plots of 128 x 128 blocks in the Donator world. This world is accessible for donators with the command '/spawn'. After you have done that, the same commands apply to the donator world!

People with the rank Legend will have access to WorldEdit, a great and super-efficient world management tool. All commands can be found here. Unfortunately due to the fact we're a server, we have limited access to WorldEdit, such as not being able to place Block Entities (A post i wrote about them can be found here) or other too laggy parts of WorldEdit.

Same rules of the other servers apply to creative, be nice to each other!

Have a great time building at Creative,
- AquaCraft