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We're expecting some downtime this night, we will do some internal upgrades which should not affect any in-game experiences.

All of our servers will go offline 01:00 10-03-2018 CET and are expected to be up again around 01:30 10-03-2018 CET.

We're very sorry for this unexpected downtime.

Edit 01:06; Servers up again :)

De servers van AquaCraft zullen sluiten om 14:15 CET en gaan weer open rond 14:45 CET.

Verder zijn er geen updates in-game.
- AquaCraft Staff
Discord is a voice and chat application familiair to Skype and TeamSpeak, but then better! You can find more info about discord here.

By now, we released our discord server for public, and you can join it by clicking this link. Also, we've added an option to login to our website with discord!

See you there!
Please read our Privacy Policy, it includes some information on how we respect your privacy on AquaCraft.
The last days we've improved our capacity to have 100+ players online in survival! We're pleased to tell you that our services are from now on almost lagg-free and we are trying to keep it that way :)

The website is also been launched this week, but we're still configuring and improving our services so it is possible that not every topic/thread/etc. has been made yet. Of course are we doing our best to make these topics as quick as possible!

Have a nice day,