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We've added a third world to Survival, what should you know about all the 3 worlds?
  • 1x The old one: This world was the first world AquaCraft had and was generated in MC 1.11 and does not contain the update Aquatic seas. This world will not reset and contains regionposts to teleport to.
  • 1x Custom: This world contains a custom generator which creates a beatiful world to build in. This world was generated in MC 1.13.2 and also contains regionposts like the old one. In both worlds, regionposts will be opened.
  • 1x New: This world is a bit of a mess. Claims are enabled, but this world will reset frequently and does not contain any regionposts.
Due to this change, /rtp will show you a GUI in which you can choose a world to teleport to, randomly.

Dear AquaCrafters,

Survival has finally updated! After long testing and waiting on the anticheat we've finally decided to upgrade our Survival server to the latest Minecraft version as of writing, 1.13.2.

This also includes some new features:

  • Survival has a new world apart from the 'old' world: An 1.13.2 world with a custom generator!
  • To explore this world, execute the following command: /rtp new
  • The new world also has regionposts, the 'old' ones will also still work and new regions will be opened in both the old world and the new world.
  • /shop has been extended with new spawn-eggs, such as Dolphins, Turtles and Fishes!
  • McMMO! Please note: Superpickaxe and Treechopper are exempted from your XP gaining! You will not gain any XP by breaking blocks using any of these rank features. /warp farm will also not work for mcMMO.

Then we need to discuss another topic, one rather unusual.
The last few weeks there may have been a message flying around the server which said AquaCraft will stop soon. This is simply not true. I talked with some of the people who were spreading these thoughts and i came to the conclusion I was not communicating that much with the community.

For that, I apologise deeply.

The reason for my disappearance was and will still be the next few weeks is because I have been very busy work- and school related. The next few weeks I will be more active to respond to bugs.

But for now, enjoy the new 1.13 features and hope to see you soon back online!

We think the PvP elements in Minecraft have grown as a huge part of the game and that's why PvP is now enabled on our Survival server!

A few notes about our PvP system:
  • PvP does not work in claims
  • Going offline mid-combat will result in dropping your items
  • Entering combat disables fly
  • Entering combat with godmode enabled is not possible
  • Entering combat will disable all commands until you're out
New Commands:
  • /kd - Your kill/death ratio
  • /kdtop - K/D top 10
  • /ghost - Toggles ghost mode (disables PvP for you)
  • /claimpvp - Toggles PvP in your claim (If enabled, user gets warned in their actionbar once he steps into your claim)
Our PvP system has been heavily tested and should not contain any bugs. If you happen to find any bugs within our PvP system, please report them as soon as possible so we can fix them :D